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T Shirts

Cape Osprey T Shirts - Outdoor, sports, and casual t-shirts at Cape Osprey

When you are looking for a durable and comfortable t-shirt for your outdoor adventures, there are certain qualities and styles that you've come to expect. At Cape Osprey, we work hard to provide you with those necessary characteristics so you can get back to your life’s pursuits.


The right t-shirt has the ability to move with your body, so you have no distractions when you are running, kicking, hiking, or cycling. Whatever your outdoor passion is, we make it our mission to provide you with a t-shirt that is easy and fun to wear when you are active.

We also know there are times when you’re going to be enjoying a casual evening outdoors, and these t-shirts are designed to be stylish, no matter what you’re doing in the moments you are wearing them. We want our t-shirts to be as diverse and unique as you are.

Many features of our tee’s include a sleek athletic cut, mesh panels that promote breathability, and fabric that is crease free. Because of the quality fabric that is used, moisture is kept away from the body.